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We have been helping people flying out of FLL Airport to find a safe parking option that will suit their needs since 2004. Experience has taught us how to achieve our main goal - making a parking reservation process so simple that you can book your discounted parking spot online within minutes!

Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport served nearly 36 million passengers in 2018. It is a pretty busy airport, and that’s why you will need this Fort Lauderdale Airport parking guide; it will help you find the cheapest parking offer and save both your time and money.

Keep reading to get parking rates for Fort Lauderdale Airport long term parking, view maps, and discover links to other useful sites. You will also find information on Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking Coupons, Discounts, and Deals, as well as Fort Lauderdale Airport parking reviews.

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Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport is a major public airport in Broward County, Florida, United States, and is one of three airports serving the Miami metropolitan area.

Many people are interested in finding the closest airport to Fort Lauderdale, FL with FLL only 6.2 miles (10.1 km) away it makes this airport a very convenient option for travelers.

You can also find the cheapest flights from Fort Lauderdale FLL Airport.

Top 4 Things You Need to Know before you Drive and Park at Fort Lauderdale Airport

On-Site Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking Rates & Availability

Fort Lauderdale Airport provides various parking options to all passengers - there is discounted parking for budget travelers but also valet service for a more exclusive experience. The multi-level parking complex offers over 12,000 parking spaces for hourly and daily parking. Daily parking rates vary based on a parking option - from $10 for the Overflow Lot to $36 for Hourly Garage Parking.

Check out the full list of FLL long term airport parking rates as well as short term prices:

  • Hourly Parking is available on Level 2 of the Hibiscus Garage and Level 1 of the Palm Garage - follow the Orange Line to reach them. This is a convenient option for short-term parking, and we do not recommend using it for extended stays since it is the most expensive daily parking option. The hourly rate is $3, and the maximum daily rate is $36.
  • Curbside Valet is a very convenient parking option located on the Departures Level of Terminal Drive at the curb. Simply leave your vehicle with a valet attendant and start your journey worry-free. The flat rate for valet service is $25 per day. For more information about Fort Lauderdale Valet Parking, call 954-359-8108.
  • Daily Parking is available on Levels 3-7 of the Hibiscus Garage, Levels 2-4 of the Palm Garage, and Levels 7-9 of the Cypress Garage. Being convenient and pretty affordable covered parking, this is one of the best parking options at FLL. The hourly rate is $3, and the maximum daily rate is $15.
  • Overflow Parking Lots are the cheapest option, and they are available only during holiday peak travel times or when the parking garages are full. These 3 lots are situated in the western part of the airport (see the map here). It is a credit-card-only lot, and a flat daily rate is only $10.
Parking Option Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Hourly Parking $36 $252
Curbside Valet $25 $175
Daily Parking $15 $105
Overflow $10 $70

Accessible Parking / Disabled Veterans Parking

Many accessible parking spots are available at FLL Airport, and you can find them in all parking facilities. Simply look for the signs or indicators near the entrances.

There is free parking for disabled persons at the airport for those with a qualifying license plate, but you have to call 954-359-0200 to find out more information.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Three EV charging stations for Tesla cars are available but only through Curbside Valet parking. Valet parking drop-offs are located on the Departure Level at the curbs; simply ask for EV charging.

Oversized Vehicles There are designated parking areas for all high clearance vehicles: the Palm Garage (7' 2"), Levels 7, 8, 9 of the Cypress Garage (7' 2"), and Level 1 of the Hibiscus Garage (8' 2").

Fort Lauderdale Airport Map To easily find all parking facilities at FLL, check out the Fort Lauderdale Airport parking map here.

Hotels with free parking services and complimentary shuttle

Official airport parking is not the only option. Numerous Fort Lauderdale hotels near FLL offer Park Sleep and Fly Packages to airport passengers. By booking this package, you get a good night’s sleep in a nice hotel, a safe parking spot for your vehicle, and a free shuttle bus to the terminal building.

We discovered hotels that offer free parking service for up to 21 days, Fort Lauderdale Airport shuttle, free WiFi access, and many other amenities . Check out the best Fort Lauderdale Airport hotel parking for 2019:

  • Hilton Garden Inn Ft. Lauderdale Airport
  • Hampton Inn Ft Lauderdale Airport North
  • Courtyard By Marriott Fort Lauderdale Airport
  • Hyatt Place Ft. Lauderdale Airport & Cruise Port
  • Candlewood Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport

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Important Fort Lauderdale International Airport Facts

Address: 100 Terminal Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA | Phone Number: 954-359-1200

  • The Cell Phone Waiting Lot is a free waiting area easily accessed from I-595, US-1, and Griffin Road (see the printable map and directions here). It is a great FLL Airport parking option for those waiting for an arriving passenger since you cannot park your car curbside. Note that you are not allowed to leave your car unattended.

  • The cheapest month to fly to Fort Lauderdale Airport is September.

  • To get lower FLL Airport rates, make a reservation at least 3 weeks before departure.

  • 25% of our users found round-trip tickets to Fort Lauderdale for the following prices or even less: from Philadelphia $132, from Boston Logan Int’l $137, from New York $146.

  • The cheapest airline ticket to FLL Airport currently is $53 round-trip from Jacksonville.

  • Find out more information about cheap flights to and from FLL here.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Transportation Shuttle Services

Need reliable ground transportation from Fort Lauderdale Airport to Miami or Port Everglades? Airport shuttles are one of the best transfers, and shuttle service is provided in upcoming content. Discover all transportation options here and book a Super Shuttle from FLL to Miami for $38.

Lyft and Uber are another great and affordable option - you can get a ride to downtown Miami for $34 or to downtown Fort Lauderdale for only $12. Public transportation is the cheapest transfer - you can take the BCT bus to the city for only $2 or Tri-Rail for as low as $2.50.

Fort Lauderdale City Guide

FL is located on the southeastern coast of Florida, and so it is a great place for all beach lovers. Fort Lauderdale Beach Park is a great choice if you want to go swimming or have a picnic by the ocean; the beach is sandy and long with many shops and eateries. Las Olas Beach is another very popular public beach due to its white sand, large palms trees, and nice restaurants.

East Las Olas Boulevard is an upscale district with countless shops, boutiques, and cool art galleries. The city center also offers various interesting and educational places, such as the Museum of Discovery and Science and the NSU Art Museum. If you want to go fishing or horseback riding, check out the amazing Tree Tops Park located 14 miles from the city center.

Fort Lauderdale Airport Parking FAQs

  • How much does it cost to use FLL long term parking?

Daily Parking is available in any FLL parking garage. The hourly rate is $3, and the maximum daily rate is $15. There are a few more options, and you can see the rates above (all parking fees are included).

  • If I’m picking up/dropping off someone, is there any cost?

You can use the Cell Phone Lot which is easily accessed from I-595, US-1, and Griffin Road. This parking area is free of charge.

  • Is there handicapped parking at the airport, and is it free?

Many accessible parking spots are available at FLL Airport, and you can find them in all parking facilities. There is free public parking for disabled persons at the airport, but you have to call 954-359-0200 to find out more information.

  • How much is Short Term parking at FLL Airport going to cost?

The hourly rate in FLL Garage Parking is $3.

  • Is there a phone number available for Fort Lauderdale Airport parking information?

Yes! For further information about FLL Airport parking service, please call 954-359-0200. For information about Valet service or Premium parking facility, call 954-359-8108.

  • Are shuttle buses offered for the Fort Lauderdale Airport Economy Parking?

The FLL Airport Economy Parking lot suspended operations to airport customers in 2017. Other parking facilities are within walking distance to the terminals.

  • Does FLL Airport offer EV charging station?

Yes! Three EV charging stations for Tesla cars are available but only through Curbside Valet parking. Valet parking drop-offs are located on the Departure Level at the curbs.

  • How may I pay for vehicle parking?

They accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

  • Do I need to make an online reservation to park on-site?

No, parking spots are available on a first come, first served basis, but you can make airport parking reservations just to make sure you have a secured parking space.

10 $40.25 $29.80 $19.35 $8.90 $1.55 $12.00
9 $33.75 $23.30 $12.85 $2.40 $8.05 $18.50
8 $27.25 $16.80 $6.35 $4.10 $14.55 $25.00
7 $20.75 $10.30 $0.15 $10.60 $21.05 $31.50
6 $14.25 $3.80 $6.65 $17.10 $27.55 $38.00
5 $7.75 $2.70 $13.15 $23.60 $34.05 $44.50
4 $1.25 $9.20 $19.65 $30.10 $40.55 $51.00
3 $5.25 $15.70 $26.15 $36.60 $47.05 $57.50
2 $11.75 $22.20 $32.65 $43.10 $53.55 $64.00
1 $18.25 $28.70 $39.15 $49.60 $60.05 $70.50
5 10 15 20 25 30
10 $24.60 $0.60 $23.40 $47.40 $71.40 $95.40
9 $18.10 $5.90 $29.90 $53.90 $77.90 $101.90
8 $11.60 $12.40 $36.40 $60.40 $84.40 $108.40
7 $5.10 $18.90 $42.90 $66.90 $90.90 $114.90
6 $1.40 $25.40 $49.40 $73.40 $97.40 $121.40
5 $7.90 $31.90 $55.90 $79.90 $103.90 $127.90
4 $14.40 $38.40 $62.40 $86.40 $110.40 $134.40
3 $20.90 $44.90 $68.90 $92.90 $116.90 $140.90
2 $27.40 $51.40 $75.40 $99.40 $123.40 $147.40
1 $33.90 $57.90 $81.90 $105.90 $129.90 $153.90
5 10 15 20 25 30


On the vertical axis you have how many days you’d be parking your car. On the horizontal axis you have how many miles you live from the airport. The chart compares if you were to leave your car at the lowest cost parking facility or take an Uber/Lyft Round trip. The Purple highlighted values represent when Parking your car, how much you’d save you money over taking a Ride sharing option to and from JFK. Non Purple highlighted values represent Ride sharing savings.